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2023: Over 150 Groups Drum Support For Obi/Datti

2023: Over 150 Groups Drum Support For Obi/Datti

Over 150 support groups, Saturday, converged in Abuja, in support of the Presidential ambition of the Labour Party candidate, Mr Peter Obi and his running mate, Dr Ahmed Datti.

The support groups include Peter Obi Volunteers Electioneering Team (POVET) I Stand With Obi Datti (ISWOD), Nigeria Youth for Peter Obi (NYFPO), Credible Leadership Support Group, Peter Obi Presidential Support Group, Peter Obi Baba Ahmed Success Movement, Obi-dient Youth Movement, Obi-DUCTION, Central Peter Obi 10 Million Gang, among others.

The supporters, with over 5,000 members, including youths, men and women from different backgrounds, turn out for the Labour Party Town Hall Meeting, organised by the FCT Chapter of the Party.

Speaking with Journalists during the event, Chairman Labour Party, FCT,
Chuckwuemeka Peter said the meeting was the decision of the party leadership for all zones to converge with a view of getting acquaintances with all Obi/Datti support groups.

He said the meeting was to also mobilise all the lovers of Obi/Datti who desire change to go out and register with the Labour Party in preparation for the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

“What we are doing today is an internal affair, we are not campaigning. We gathered here today to familiarise ourselves with all the Peter Obi/Datti support groups. In this hall, we have over 150 support groups from all the six Area Councils in FCT.

“you can see for yourself that the Obi/Datti support based is beyond social media as is been speculating. This is a movement that is yearning for change in Nigeria”.

Also speaking, Nollywood superstar and Director General of one of the support groups I Stand With Obi Datti (ISWOD), Comrade Delaw Eze, said that the massive turnout of the support groups is an indication that Nigerians are tired of bad governance and will do anything to ensure that Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti are elected in 2023.

He said: “It’s good that you can see for yourself that people are daily declaring interest and support for Mr Peter Obi and Dr Ahmed Datti to lead Nigeria to come 2023. This is no longer a social media thing as you can see. The thousands of people pouring into the hall are desirous of positive changes.

“My only regret is that the hall won’t be enough for people trooping in. Though the meeting is yet to start, the hall is already filled up. The interesting thing is that we all have our PVC. For instance, at ISWOD, we make it compulsory for members to have their PVCs before they’re admitted into the group.

“Peter Obi remains a credible alternative, compared to past and present administrations that have kept us in the pathetic situation we find ourselves in today. With the increasing support for Peter Obi, I am sure Nigeria will smile again come 2023.”

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Also speaking, the FCT Labour Party Women Leader, Ngozi Joaness, said that Nigeria needs Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti to reposition the country.

She said: “With what is going on in the country today, it is only someone who doesn’t mean well for Nigeria that will be supporting any candidate other than Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti. Peter Obi is the right person to solve all the problems introduced in Nigeria by past and present administrations.

“A reference point is what Peter Obi did in Anambra as a two-term governor. There is no better candidate than the seasoned administrator, who has put plans in place to ensure that Nigerians are rescued from bad governance and given reasons to smile again come 2023. A vote for Peter Obi is a vote for a better Nigeria.”

On his part, the National Coordinator of Obi-dent Youth Movement, Ezenwaka Johnbosco, said that Nigerians are fed up with decades of bad leadership, hence the massive support for Peter Obi.

“I always laugh when I hear the propaganda that Peter Obi does not have structures. We’re the structures. The marginalized Nigerian youth are the structures. We can’t continue to support a government that has made sure that students are at home; due to the ASUU strike.

“We cannot continue supporting a government that has ensured the dollar is exchanged for N710 and with the propensity of the exchange rate getting to N1, 000 to a dollar in the coming months. We want a better Nigeria for our children, hence our support for Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti,” he said.

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