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APC led government will not undermine unity of Labour – Oshiomhole

APC  led government will not undermine unity of Labour – Oshiomhole


The Chairman of All Progressives Congress, (APC) , Adams Oshiomole  has assured the organized labour that the party would not undermine the unity of the labour movement in the country.


He also said organised labour would have a good representation in his new position as the ruling party chairman.


Oshiomole  gave this assurance   when the presidents of Trade Union Congress (TUC,)  Bobboi Kaigama and his Nigeria Labour Congress counterpart Ayuba Wabba paid him a visit at the APC secretariat in Abuja.


According to Oshiomole labour remains his primary constituency as is the platform that gave him all the opportunities he presently enjoins.


He added  that his experience as Labour leader  would be put into use in his new position as APC chairman.


He further assured that the welfare on Nigerian workers would be given utmost attention by the ruling party.


“I am always happy when commentators  say what  qualifies me for this new position is that rich labour background to manage a pan- Nigeria institution and mobilize  the people for a particular course without recourse to ethnic, religion and other primordial sentiment-  where we are just Nigerians – that is the challenge today of the political class.

I am very proud of those values.”


He commended the leadership of both  NLC and TUC in advancing the  labour movement in Nigeria.


“I also know that sometimes it appears your positions on government are misunderstood or portrayed differently by some   top government functionaries. As an insider and now a key player in the ruling party I am very clear that   my responsibility is to use my background to influence policies in a way that would benefit the Nigerian workers,”  said the APC chairman.


He noted that tax policies must be designed in a way to reflect the value of the government of the day.

“whether you transfer the burden to the poor or you transfer the burden to the rich. Our political decision should be taken based on our values. I am happy to be chairman of APC, particularly under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari because he also is a source of strength to the ordinary people.

If he has any problem it is from the political elites who are opposed to his strong fight against corruption.”


He said that President Buhari believes in the unity of Nigerian workers at a time a good section of the political class have become ethnic champion, religion bigot .


“President Buhari believes we need pan-Nigerian institution, people who mobilize and affiliate across all these negative primordial sentiments which the labour movement represents.


“You can be assured; nothing will be done by anyone within the APC family to undermine the unity of Nigeria workers. I want you to consider me as in house agent within the APC family.”


Earlier, TUC president Bobbio Kaigama said that with Oshiomole as the ruling party chairman, the labour movement now has a voice in the government circle unlike in the past.


He said, “Comrade Oshiomole, you came, you saw, you conquered and you are still conquering.”

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