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Avoid Posting This Things On Social Media In 2020

1.HOME ADDRESS: Don’t post where you live as you are making things easy for the bad guys out there. There’s a lot, criminals can do using just your address
2. CURRENT LOCATION: Giving out your location information can be risky because it tells potential thieves that you are not at home.

3.IMAGE AND VIDEO OF YOU CHILDREN ON UNIFORM : Never post pictures or videos of your children on uniform lots of kids have been abducted through that

4. NEVER POST IMAGE OF YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR NAMES : By doing so you are exposing your kids to harm

5. Never post Negative Opinion about your current Job,Your Employer and Your Boss : lots of people have lost their job doing that. most interviewers now ask for your Facebook account and they go through you wall and they might come across it

6. Never post Details of Where You are Travelling to and When You are Travelling

7. Posting Pictures of you and you’re tagging your current location is very Terrible you are putting your self at risk

8. Posting pictures of you in an eatry or at home eating a special dish shows you are from a poor home, how many rich men children eat fried Rice and special delicacy and then post it online. its not a new thing to them they eat that on a regular basis so please stop posting pictures of you eating, its childish

This is 2020 we need to improve.

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