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Boki: One Crisis, Too Many

Otimpor, a vibrant young man from Boki, was birthed futuristically derailed. He lost his father when he was some months old so he didn’t know what fatherly love was, neither did he have a biological elder nor younger brother to call his own. Amidst these crisis of birth, he decided to procreate like Abraham.

Against all odds, he survived the hostilities and brutalities that life had to offer an orphan like him.

His intension was to shield his wards from his brutal fate but all that shattered like the Jericho walls when the Drakula came logging. Otimpor fell to the shameful hands of death at his prime leaving behind his young wife and many children as a result of communal crisis.

His demise, though avoidable but could not because he was a part of a senseless generation where security remains a mirage.

While the people wailed and gnash their tooth in regrets, another happened thereby skyrocketing the rate of agony in the land.

I retrospected on how our paths crossed and the many things I learnt from him while growing. I was at the lowest estate of the realm because I couldn’t accept the reality of his demise because his was one death, too many.

With nostalgia, I watched how a once peaceful and revered Boki nation became a theatre of war. Today, killings in Boki and Nigeria by extension is a norm. .

I reluctantly turned on my TV to hear what government have to say about the civil unrest in the land that once flowed with milk and honey and the President as usual has these to say

“The crisis in Boki must stop as no amount of anger is worth taking the life of another…”

As usual, NEPA or AEDC went off before the Presidential rhetoric ended only to wake with the ugly reality of Boje/Nsadop uprising. One couldn’t lay claim to the ‘bruhaha’ as being politically motivated except for the fact lawlessness is gradually being rooted and promoted by miscreants whose desire is to cause cataclysm in Boki and Nigeria at large.

I recalled how the activities of the Boko boys started some years ago like boys scouts until it snowballed into an international terror group.

Now that Boki is boiling and the government is seating by the fire side pretending to be sleeping, may Nigeria not be caught in the web of hostilities and uprising because the tyranny of a tyrant is determined by the patience of the oppressed. Lasting peace in Boki and Nigeria is non negotiable.

May God save us from us.

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