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9 Keys To Developing And Sustaining Your Relationship.

  At each phase of your life, you need someone to be there for you because life is not an island. It is a well known fact that the quality of your relationship determines the outcome of your life. Therefore, in all your gettings, get a quality relationship because many …

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Avoid Posting This Things On Social Media In 2020

1.HOME ADDRESS: Don’t post where you live as you are making things easy for the bad guys out there. There’s a lot, criminals can do using just your address 2. CURRENT LOCATION: Giving out your location information can be risky because it tells potential thieves that you are not at …

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Romance With A Journalist

By Benneth Joshua Kingsley 18+…. Reader’s Secretion Advised Act 2 Scene 1 The screaming police officer brought the couple back to reality. Feverishly Nikita adjusted her skirt to hide her swollen vag**na ashamed that the intruder had seen her nakedness. However Obodo stared at the officer with disdain, angry at …

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