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Executive Order 10 As A Saving Grace For JUSUN

Abraham Maslow, one of the leading authorities in management sciences believed that motivation is the inner stimulus that induces one into action. In the light of the above, he propounded the famous ‘Maslow theory of motivation’. According him, the needs of an employee are hierarchical, therefore employers of labour must be sentive enough to identify them one at a time. In his hierarchy of needs, he said the physiological needs such as shelter, food and other basics should come first before security, need to belong or self esteem, self actualisation and the peak or climax follows.

When you juxtaposed that into the Nigerian context especially as it concerns Judiciary Staff Union Of Nigeria (JUSUN), you will spot a complete departure from these postulation which has created a lacuna in the judicial system.

For instance, many appeal, customary and Sharia courts have become epitome and signatures of dilapidated premises due to under funding. This obvious negligence have also deepened the decay in proper documentation leading to increased congestion of prisons across the country with many awaiting trials.

For most Justices of these lower courts, commuting to and fro their morgue offices is at the mercies of public transportation system with a trail of deaths and inducement by criminal elements who leverage on such difficiencies to upturn justice.

At the advent of Comrade Marwa Mustapha as the National President of JUSUN, he introduced many laudable projects not limited to housing scheme for judicial workers, establishment of a microfinance bank for her members, improved welfare packages and other noble ideas, but these and many are still gasping for air as state governors who delight in malnourishing JUSUN as it were have refused to fulfill their own part of the bargain.

Executive order 10 as recently signed by President Muhammadu Buhari granting financial autonomy to both the Judiciary and State Houses of Assembly would never have come at a better time than now that JUSUN was almost becoming a shadow of itself with such deffects snowballing into justice delayance and deniance.

Indeed, the Executive Order 10 is a saving grace for JUSUN and the last hope of a common man.

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