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France Knocks Lionel Messi and Argentina Out of World Cup

Lionel Messi’s fourth World Cup ended in bitter, frustrating and all-too-familiar defeat on Saturday, with Argentina tumbling out of the tournament with a 4-3 loss to a suddenly impressive France.

Argentina got a final lifeline deep into stoppage time, when the substitute Sergio Aguero headed in a Messi cross — Messi’s second assist of the game. But Argentina needed one more, and within two minutes, it, and Messi, were out of time.

Messi departs after a frustrating tournament in which Argentina only barely escaped a humiliating elimination in the group stage. But it ended as all his major tournaments with Argentina’s senior national team: without a trophy, and while carrying the burden of a team defeat on his slight shoulders. At 31, he may choose to make this his last World Cup.

For a few minutes in the second half, it almost seemed as if Argentina’s troubled trip at this World Cup might be extended. Angel Di Maria scored a gorgeous long-range goal just before halftime, and then Gabriel Mercado turned in a low shot by Messi three minutes into the second half for a 2-1 lead.

But France was simply too good. The teenage forward Kylian Mbappé won a penalty in the first half with a three-quarter-field run, and then scored two goals of his own four minutes apart to stick in the knife on Argentina.

[ Kylian Mbappe, who has two of France’s goals today. He’s the brightest star on a French team populated by kids who emerged from the Paris suburbs.]

Antoine Griezmann scored France’s first goal, converting the penalty Mbappé had won, and right back Benjamin Pavard slashed in France’s second in the 57th minute — a volleyed goal that was the equal of Di Maria’s stunner — after some nervous moments early in the half.

After pulling even, France simply pulled away. Mbappé restored his team’s lead with the cool of a veteran in the 64th minute, calmly finding space in the area to rip home the go-ahead goal.

Then, four minutes later, he finished off a flowing move that began deep in France’s half by slotting his second goal of the day — and third of the tournament — past Argentina’s goalkeeper Franco Armani.

Here’s how France beat Argentina, 4-3:

FULL TIME: Not Enough Time for Argentina

A dangerous rip of a cross pings off an Argentine in the center and goes wide, and Faghazi blows the whistle. Whew. What a game. France 4, Argentina 3. But we all won there.

90’ + 4: Fight Ensues

But now we’re fighting after the kickoff after a rough foul by Mercado in midfield on Pogba. Otamendi, trailing, blasts the ball into the fallen Pogba and the French are NOT pleased. That wastes a ton of time, though. And Argentina didn’t have much to spare.


Aguero nods in a header deep into the four minutes of injury time, and now Argentina will try frantically for an equalizer.

89’: Mbappé Takes A Bow

Thauvin on for

, today’s double-scorer. He also made a three-quarter field run to earn the penalty for France’s first goal. What a day for the teenager.

87’: Argetina’s Free Kick Cleared

Di Maria takes the free kick but the first man heads it wide. There’s Argentina’s tournament in a nutshell — they’ve just not been good enough.

86’: Aguero Blocked

Messi threads a ball to Aguero in the area, but his shot is blocked. Now it gets a bit nasty as Mercado and Hernadez tangle on the right.

85’: Messi … No!

Messi with a bit of brilliance — he somehow pops a ball free to himself while cutting left to right in front of Lloris. But he falls as he sends in a weak shot, and winds up on his back.

82’: Kanté Hassles Messi

N’Golo Kanté takes down Messi again; that’s been a theme today. He’s up quick, trying desperately to mount something — anything — that might produce a goal, and perhaps hope for one more after that. But France isn’t making it easy; they’ve been super today since falling behind.

80’: Messi’s Last Stand?

This is a big 10 minutes in Argentine soccer history. Messi is 31, and has already returned from the national team once, in 2016, in despair after a loss in a major tournament. Will he hang around until 2022 for what could be — with this core — more disappointment? A fifth World Cup might tempt him. Or he might just call it. We’ll see.

75’: Changes for Argentina and France

Two subs: Meza for Argentina, replacing Pavon. He’s Sampaoli’s last sub.And Corentin Tolisso replaces Matuidi, who is carrying a yellow. They don’t want to lose him for the quarters, so that’s a safety move.

73’: Not This Time

Mbappé proves he’s human, butchering a first-touch volley he had hoped to send into the path of Griezmann.

70’: Target Practice for France

Pogba galloping again up the middle, finds Giroud out wide on the left side. He slashes a shot into the side netting. It’s target practice all of a sudden, and Argentina looks frazzled. Blood in the water now for France.


Kylian Mbappe has given France a 4-2 lead.

Kanté-Griezmann-Matuidi-Giroud-Mbappé in stride in the area. They just walked that up three-quarters of the field and into the goal. Gorgeous move. That’s Mbappé’s second today and his third of the tournament. He is 19 years old. 19!!

65’: France Responds to Pressure

France really showing some grit here in answer to Argentina’s fiery goals on either side of halftime. It’s going to be really hard on the loser today.


Kylian Mbappe scores his first goal of the game. Credit Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

64’: GOAL! France Back in Front

Kylian Mbappé gets his second goal of the World Cup and it’s a terrific bit of close-quarter work.

A cross by Hernandez from the left falls to Mbappé who, cool as a cucumber, eschews a shot to push the ball into space on the left. Once there, he hammers it under Armani.

60’: Will This Pace Continue?

This is fun for all of us, but Sampaoli and Deschamps probably both could do with a little possession and calm now. I, for one, support more sensational goals scored from outside the penalty area.


Argentina goalkeeper Franco Armani dives but fails to save a goal by Benjamin Pavard. Credit Sergei Grits/Associated Press

57’ GOAL! France Equalizes

FRANCE! We’re even!!!!

What a great game this is. Benjamin Pavard collects an Hernandez cross that sails through to the far side and hits a volley that may have been better than Di Maria’s, which is saying something.

Outside of the foot, backspin, into the far-side netting. It’s Pavard’s first goal for France, and for a right back, it’s one to remember.

56’: France Threatens

Argentina what are you doing!?!?!? A backheel by Giroud into the area rolls harmlessly toward Armani until Fazio decides to play it — and taps it past him. Then it’s a frantic scramble as Griezmann nearly gets to it first. But, under pressure, he shoots wide.

53’: Free Kick for France

Trouble off the ball as Perez clips Kante from behind. It’s a free kick for France. Mbappe taking it ….

The free kick is cleared and Griezmann fouls Di Maria, who for 10 full seconds is mortally wounded. Back up now.

49’: France Scrambling

France has to be wondering what’s happened here. They give up their lead on a wondergoal just before the half, then fall BEHIND three minutes into the second on another long shot that goes in on a deflection. They’re suddenly in a world of trouble, and Argentina is not going to make it easy.

48’: GOAL! Messi’s Shot Goes In

Argentina immediately wins a free kick way out on the left. It’s cleared — but no it’s not!!!!!! Messi’s blast deflects off his collected clearance following the free kick, but Argentina sure doesn’t care.

Looks like Mercado will get credit for the own goal — he stuck his toe in the way of Messi’s shot and wrong-footed Lloris.

46’: Second Half Begins

Back under way. Rojo, one of three Argentines to pick up a yellow in the first half, gives way to Federico Fazio. That could be an attempt to save him if they win — Mascherano’s yellow means he would miss a potential quarterfinal — or it could be a sign that they’re worried Mbappé’s pace might yield a red next time. Best of luck, Federico. That’s a tough job you just got.

Halftime II: Measuring Di Maria’s Goal

Di Maria’s goal was apparently measured at just over 30 yards, which makes it the longest-range goal of this World Cup, per FIFA.

Halftime: France 1, Argentina 1

France will like the first 40 minutes of that, and Argentina will be thrilled with the last five or so. We’re tied but France has been dominant and organized even as Argentina has had most of the possession. But Di Maria’s rocket wiped out nearly a full half a good work, and we’re all square with a half to go.

45’ +2: Griezmann Denied

Griezmann tries to turn Mascherano deep in the right corner, but the veteran knocks the ball out. There’s the whistle. Halftime. Tie game.

44’: Argentina Alive

It’s hard to overstate how important it was for Argentina to show some life before the break. They had dominated possession with little to show for it, and going into halftime down a goal after that — with their World Cup life on the line — would have been tough to swallow. But one shot changes everything, and they’re suddenly, visibly, more alive here.

43’: Yellow for Mascherano

Mascherano finally gets his yellow, for a two-footed challenge on Kanté.

GOAL! Argentina Equalizes

WHAT A GOAL! Argentina’s ties the game, 1-1, through Angel Di Maria.

That was a rocket, and Lloris was beaten dead to rights. Bedlam in the Argentina-heavy stands.

That’s the first mistake by France defensively: they just left Di Maria standing there out top alone, and when the ball came to him he took a touch and absolutely lashed a left-footed shot past a diving Lloris.

That two full 20-second ‘Gooooooools’ back to back from Telemundo’s Andres Cantor. Remember, he’s an Argentine.

38’: Argentina Threatens

There’s some danger from Argentina at last: Pavon gets to the end line on the right and cuts back toward the spot, but Pavard beats everyone to it and stabs the ball out.

37’: Manhandling Messi

Messi down in the area, but not even he appeals for a penalty. He does not appear to like all the manhandling he’s getting though.

36’: Face Flags

If you’re wondering why so many people show up at these games with flags on their faces, it’s because the Russian organizers have sent teams of women out around the stadiums before each match armed with paint palettes and brushes. There are lines at every game, but they do nice work. Russia is easier than, say, Morocco.

35’: Rough Exchange

The teams trade clipped ankles and rolling tumbles of despair and agony. But Giroud actually fouled Otamendi, so it’s Argentina ball. First and 10.

32’: Mascherano Sends a Message

Pogba wins the ball and holds off Messi with a Heisman-like stiff arm. Mascherano didn’t like that, though, and in N.H.L. enforcer mode he just hammers Pogba from behind. Could have been a yellow, or a two-minute minor, but the referee decides against.

31’: Pogba Gets Involved

Now it’s Paul Pogba loping up the center like a thoroughbred. He feeds the 19-year old Mbappé on the right as he approaches the area, but he tries to cut back and loses the ball.

A minute later he and Olivier Giroud break in, but Giroud zigs as the pass zags, and the chance rolls right into Armani’s arms.

30’: Messi the Decoy

Messi just walking in midfield now, almost a decoy. France is keeping a close watch on him, though, so he’s going to have to work really hard to find some space to be Messi.

28’: No Penalty on France Hand Ball

Mercado on an overlapping run into the area lifts the ball and it hits Umtiti’s arm as it sails harmlessly through the crease in front of Lloris. He appeals for a penalty but V.A.R. clearly sees that as unintentional, because the game promptly continues. (Remember, they can tell the referee in real time what they’ve seen, and he can take their word.)

26’: Ball Control, but No Bite for Argentina

Argentina has had 70 percent possession so far, but hasn’t mustered so much as a single shot. France, meanwhile, has hit the crossbar and scored a goal with its rare bits of possession.

25’:Umtiti Goes Down

Umtiti goes down at the other end as Lloris charges left to smother a chance. It looks like Perez may have caught Umtiti, but they shake hands and there’s no VAR to see if something untoward occurred.

23’: Argentina Defense Continues to Struggle

Argentina has now given up more goals (six) than any team left in the tournament. They and Spain were both at five in the group stage.

22’ Escape for Argentina

Kylian Mbappé clearly has instructions to run at the back four every chance he gets. And he will get more chances.

Christopher Clarey: France’s 4 goals in this World Cup so far: penalty, own goal, tap-in after deflection and penalty

21’ Pogba Misses

Pogba skies it. Tough to get it up and down over the wall from that close. But also tough to get it down when you only hit it up.

20’: Dangerous Free Kick for France

Pogba and Griezmann over it again ……They seem to be negotiating.

19’: Mbappé Causing Problems for Argentina

Mbappé in again! He’s tormenting Argentina. He splits the center backs again and is pulled down by Rojo AGAIN.

This one is just outside the area though, sparing Argentina another penalty. That probably keeps Rojo in the game, too, since he got a yellow on the earlier penalty. This one was about six inches outside the area, and the referee lets him slide.

18’ Di Maria’s Free Kick Handled

Argentina’s Angel Di Maria fails to beat the first defender with a free kick on the left.

14’: Disaster for Argentina

It’s also a disastrous start for Argentina, exposing what has been their weak spot all tournament: a defense that just isn’t up to World Cup-winning standards.

13’ GOAL! France Leads, 1-0

Antoine Griezmann rolls it calmly almost straight up the middle as Armani dives to his left. That’s the start France needed, and the goal that Griezmann needed.

11’ Penalty Kick for France!

No doubt about it; Kylian Mbappé with a solo run that causes panic in the back, and Rojo, beaten around the corner, pulls him down.

Mbappé is down, but what a run: straight up the middle and leaving at least four Argentines in the dust. Rojo just reached in in vain, and they went down together. Griezmann will take the penalty kick.


Antoine Griezmann takes a free kick for France in the first half. Credit Franck Fife/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

9’: Griezmann Rattles the Crossbar!

What a rocket off the free kick; Armani just watched it from the ground. The first chance of the game is a near-miss, but a good sign if you’re France.

7’: Argentina’s Formation

Argentina’s setup so far appears to be Messi alone up front, with five midfielders in support and Mascherano standing in the middle pointing and yelling about where everyone with the ball should send it next.

6’: Di Maria and Messi Miss Connection

A super through ball springs Di Maria on the left, but his cross is air-mailed and goes out for a goal kick. Messi looks over as if to say, “Duuuudde …….”

4’: Free Kick Cleared by France

Dangerous chance comes out of it though, with a free kick on the left, but France clears.

3’: France Will Be Physical All Day

Matuidi whacks Messi as he tries to cut inside. More physical play, and volunteer referee Javier Mascherano is quick to point out that’s a couple times the little man has been bodied already.

2’: France Deals With Messi

Messi gets his first touch, but a pressing France (well, Kanté) immediately dispossesses him. He’s going to be all over the Argentine captain today, and he’s very good at that.

1’: A Quick Whistle

The game lasts only seconds before Giroud trucks Tagliafico chasing a header. That may be a message, or just hyper-nerves. But it won’t be the last time Giroud runs over an Argentine, trust us.


O.K., the anthems are done. Here we go. Warm hug between France’s Umtiti and Messi in the handshake line; they’re teammates at Barcelona. Rojo and Pogba will know each other from Manchester United, too.

France will be in blue with white shorts today. Argentina is in its traditional blue-and-white stripes with black shorts.

Our referee today is Alireza Faghani of Iran. It’s an Italian V.A.R. crew.

Will This Be Messi’s Last Run?

The last time Messi was eliminated from a major tournament, he retired from Argentina’s national team before he left the stadium, only to be coaxed back for this World Cup.

The retirement came in 2016, which was the third straight summer he had suffered defeat in a major final — in extra time to Germany at the 2014 World Cup and on penalties to Chile on the Copa America in 2015 and 2016. After losing to Chile in New York, Messi declared that he had done all he could do.

“It’s not for me,” he said then. “We’ve lost three finals in a row and I’m disappointed about it but what can I do? It wasn’t meant to be, and we have to understand it, and that’s it.”

Could today be the end for real if Argentina loses? Maybe. Messi will be 35 at the next World Cup, and playing for Argentina sure hasn’t seemed to bring him much joy this month. He has looked frustrated and withdrawn. A win over France might spark something in him, and his teammates — a chance to go to the quarterfinals with the hope of one last run. But today’s winner meets the Uruguay-Portugal survivor, and it won’t get easier after that.

Argentina Fills the Stands

For the 4th straight game here in Russia, France is playing what feels like a road game. French fans are heavily outnumbered by Argentine fans, just as they were by Australian fans in this stadium in game one. Some of the French fan clubs have complained that they have not been able to get seats close together, although I can se at least two good blocs of them today. French federation president Noel Le Graet said this week that France has work to do in terms of mobilizing its traveling fans. French players have taken note. When they played Peru in Yekaterinburg, captain Hugo Lloris told me it was like playing in South America.

How the Argentine fans did it, I’ll never know. Their team wasn’t expected to be playing here when this tournament began. And yet the Argentines are filling 3/4ths of the seats in Kazan Arena. Huge atmosphere, if you’re Argentine

Warm-up Support

Blasting Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” over the loudspeakers in Kazan as the teams warmed up seemed like A1 trolling/subliminal support of Argentina and France after the suboptimal two weeks they’ve had.

Three fans just showed up on the screen in Russian-themed France jerseys. The names on the back: Pogbov, Mbappov, Kantov. Nice work.

Christopher Clarey: In place here in Kazan. Gorgeous day: 83 degrees, sunny, as it has been most of the time here in Kazan. Low humidity though: close to 30 percent. Field is already almost entirely in shadow so weather conditions should not be a big factor.

Messi on the Spot

Best stat you might not know entering today? Lionel Messi has never scored in a knockout round game at the World Cup.

Yellow Danger

Pogba, Blaise Matuidi and Corentin Tolisso are all one booking away from suspension for France. Ever Banega, Gabriel Mercado, Javier Mascherano, Lionel Messi, Marcos Acuna and Nicolas Otamendi are in the same danger for Argentina.

Source: New York times

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