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Governor Yahaya Bello Employs Technology To Get Result .. Aide

Governor Yahaya Bello Employs Technology To Get Result .. Aide

An aide to the Governor of Kogi State Comrade Lucy Akumabor has said that Governor Yahaya Bello employs technology to everything he does to ensure that he gets the best out of it.

She made this known in a statement made recently in Abuja, where she reeled out the salient leadership qualities of the Governor that has endeared him to Kogi people.

She noted that “I met His Excellency , Gov Yahaya Bello a couple of years ago . I can tell u it was God who brought us together. I didn’t know him from anywhere neither did he know me too..
It all started with a video that I made , which he saw and sent for me , I just came back into the country from the US and I eventually met with him , he immediately hired me .And I
started working for him till date .

“I thank God for the opportunity.
In my three years of working for His Excellency , I have come to learn a lot from him . He is diligent , a smart worker , that pays attention to details, he listens . Loves to follow due process and more . Before u send a memo make sure u do a thorough research and put things right. Because he reads everything.

“Coming from a banking background I found that interesting cos we were trained like that .. To do due diligence. I also saw his Excellency going all out for anything or everything. He pays serious attention to the smallest and biggest things . He employs technology into everything he does , like the Schools in

“The state are smartly and remotely accessible, he sees all on his phone , laptops and other devices… Also major spotlights are also viewed same way. He is on top of things .
He works late ! Call him 2am , he will pick up his phone. … He types , edits things himself.

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“My Boss is a super boss ! No wonder he is able to contain the security situation in Kogi State . He does not believe in complains But he faces it head on and gets results ..
when it comes to providing infrastructures in the State , he tells his appointees do it my standard, which is the GYB Standard, that represents quality projects, superior and neatly finished projects ! Every contractor knows that ! Or they can get fired and replaced on the spot .
“The top notch projects like the Reference Hospitals Okene , which is Africa’s first international Hospital Furnished with state of the art equipments like MRI machines and other medical equipments .. Link roads built across the state , Ganaja flyover .

“His Excellency introduced for the first of its kind Bellocare here , pregnant women in Kogi give birth for FREE . Women are really enjoying the services … Also Smart medical reforms and others . We now have a New Kogi.

“Talking about family, he is a good family man who Loves his family a great deal . he made all of us his family too , cares about everyone who works for him from support staff to , drivers , cooks and top appointees and aids all have access to him . We eat together and he gives everyone a sense of belonging….
You can see him showing Capacity in discharging his duties.

“That is clearly demonstrated , when APC won in Kogi for the Presidential and other elections! I am very sure that our Party the APC and President Elect won’t forget to reward Him ! Sen Bola Ahmed Tinubu is known to reward Loyalty ! Hard work and Commitment and Capacity Which His Excellency has demonstrated and proven in concrete terms. She noted.

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