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Marwan elected CAJWU president-says rule of law is fulcrum of democracy

Comrade Marwan Mustapha Adamu has been elected as the president of the Confederation of African Judiciary Workers Union (CAJWU) to champion the affairs of the union.


Comrade Marwan Mustapha who is the President of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN), while speaking recently in Kigali, Rwanda, pledged to ensure the enhancement of justice administration and Enthronement of rule of law in the region.



According to him: “We affirm that the rule of law is the fulcrum of a functional democracy. It is the belief that justice will be administered to all in fair and timely manner without late  or hindrance, neither will status nor privilege define how the rule of law will promote, enhance and sustain accountability.”


Marwan added that: “African workers in the judiciary know that when the wheels of justice roll in true and effective service for all, society’s hope for equity is assured. Thus, the propensity to advance individual, group or communal, as well as institutions’ aspirations for greatness and progress is heightened and promising.”


Sadly,, he stated that the perception of the judiciary as “the last hope of the common man continues to be on the downward horizontal trajectory,”  adding, “Corruption, conservatism, slow and inefficiency have shaped and sharpened some of the perceptions, real or imagined”.


He said African judiciary workers rather than dwelling in manufacturing excuses and erecting defences against the real or perceived public perceptions of the judiciary, should strive to make their general contributions to the attainment of social justice and development.


Also in a communique jointly signed by CAJWU President, Comrade  Marwan Mustapha Adamu and the General Secretary, Comrade Vincent Makondo, the union urge workers in the region to make genuine efforts towards having Justice for all.


The communique reads, ” CAJWU Calls on judiciary workers in Africa to continue to make genuine efforts and tangible contributions toward the attainment of justice administration for all;


” To be active in the vanguard for judiciary reforms in Africa, especially at the national level in ways that will enhance efficiency, integrity and independence;


“To continue to advocate for the effective separation of powers and to secure the guarantees for the genuine and complete autonomy of the judiciary;


“To continue to work with allies and other progressive forces at the local, national and regional levels, as well as international level for the institutionalization of  rule of law in Africa;


“To advocate for the transformation of the African judiciary to meet and deliver on 21st century justice administration through courts’ staff and functionaries’ skills and competences development; courts’ equipment procurement and ‘ infrastructure development, and; the introduction of relevant hardware and software technology, as well as pursue employment compensation regimes that enhance productivity and stifle the propensity for gratifications”.


The meeting further pledged to organise  judiciary workers in Africa for the purpose of accentuating their voices and representation aimed at protecting their human and labour rights.


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