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Nigeria Urban-Slums In View

Open defecation in the slum

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world with enormous mineral resources to keep her afloat. This giant of Africa is characterized by multi ethnic and religious persuasions. To better harmonize these diverse views came the amalgamation of 1914. After obtaining political autonomy in 1960, those at the helm of affairs thought it wise to create states so as to ensure even development in the country. States that had earlier contacts with the colonial masters grew at a faster pace with others crawling behind them. States like Lagos Abuja, just to mention but a few gained global currency. This wind of change led to the proliferation of highbrow areas for the elites class. Same scenario played in other states of the federation. Drivers, cleaners, canpaters and other menial workers who could not afford these mini “heavens” took solace in slums around the cities to earn their living. Places like Ajegunle, mararaba, Bay side, Karimo, Gwagwa, Dakibiu, just to mention but a few are a testimony of the neglect and man inhumanity to man. A visit to these places will keep u wondering if indeed Nigeria belongs to all because of the absence of government  in their affairs.  Infrastrucural development remains a mirage in the hearts of these residents. Sigmund Freud opins that man is a product of his environment. A lecturer in the university corroborated this to me and I quote “Atibile, I take much energy in teaching you people because I don’t know who from amongst you will lecture my children or grandchildren tomorrow . If I leave you with empty heads, you will have nothing to impact”. Slum dwellers deserves a better living so as to make Nigeria better.

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