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Plights Of The Rural Dwellers

As much as Nigeria strives so hard in meeting the Millionium Development Goal, it will be safe to say it still ranks among the most underdeveloped in the world  inspite of it  natural endowments. Rural dwellers in Nigeria are worst hit as they are often  forced to live like a government to  themselves. Because of this obvious  neglect from the corridors of power, many villagers response by displaying political apathy knowing too well their future is not guaranteed from the scheme of things. Regulars to Nigerian villages will attest to the fact that rural dwellers survives by the grace of God. A case in mind is the Beebo people. This community Is located in Boki L. G. A, Cross River State. The major occupation of this peace loving people is agriculture which can improve the living condition of the people if attention is given. The road network in this locality has withheld the economic growth of this people for  too long yet nothing is in place in neutralizing this wildwind. Same is the experiences of the Bumaji people. ”

Broken bridge along Beebo road

. Efforts must be made in networking rural communities in Nigeria through the construction of durable roads which will by extension  reduce rural-urban migration. The governor of Cross River State, Sen, Prof. Ben Ayade must as a matter of urgency  display pragmatism as always done in changing the narratives of these people.

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