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Prof Ben Ayade, The Empathic Leader

During the mediaeval period, the Roman emperors depended on brute, warmongering and blood shared as a way of exercising authority. These cannibalistic tendencies of theirs pitched the rest of humanity against them leading to eventual depletion of her empire.
The Renaissance period on the other hand, brought a lot of innovation to bear in the affairs of man. The rebirth spirit that came with it ultimately paved way for modernism, post-modenism and post-postmodenism as currently experienced.


Some of the exponents of post-postmodenism includes experimentation, gender equality, scholarship and expressivity including indirect democracy that has become the order of the day.

While brutality held sway in previous epoch, postmodenists constructively deconstructed such illusionism via constitutionalism with logicism overriding mythology thereby giving birth to the new world order were leaders are to be respected and not dreaded from, were dialogue is pertinent  in fostering cohesion, were every soul count or no one does, were actions of those in authority are in accordance with the rule of law and accountability a necessity as opposed frivolity.

This school of thought  further brideged the gap between the have and have-not and by extension broadened the scope on humaness that binds us all irrespective of social stratification. For progenitors of this idea,  posterity is a watch word to be guided jealously.


Based on this pedagogy, some leaders have semiotically backgrounded their appellations while foregrounding the bond between them and their followers for the benefit of all and sundry.

These vividly captures the cartatic empathy displayed by Sen, Prof. Ben Ayade during his administration’s tax review in Calabar recently, were he exempted low income earners from reckless taxation. The media went agog with the news of his teardrops. many minconstrued it to mean cowardice, while others referred to it as crocodile tears. The truth remains that Such actions should not be mistaken for timidity as the gentle movement of a Lion doesn’t make it lazy. After all, even our Lord Jesus wept when the need arose. (John 11:35) That singular act of his (Jesus) does not make him any less of Christ as believed in Christiandom. Ayade, please empathize, identify and assuage the sufferings of your people as you have always done. Afterward, it not a crime to show affection.

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