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Tribute To Late Comrade Ibrahim Khaleel mni By Marwan Mustapha

Tribute To Late Comrade Ibrahim Khaleel mni, National President of Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), Treasurer, Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)

By Comrade Marwan Mustapha Adamu mni,
Today the 16th day of November 2020 is exactly 40 days since you left this sinful world, we are however consoled by the Holy book who said every living soul must test death. Since your demise, my friend, brother and dependable ally, it is easy and trite for me to say that the day I was called to come to the National Hospital Abuja, for your sake my soul brother, comrade Ibrahim Khaleel is something I never thought of. It is even unimaginable thought that I will be doing a tribute in the memory of my comrade, Ibrahim Khaleel. Your demise is a wakeup call to us that life indeed is a gift by the Almighty Allah. This is so because no one is ever promised tomorrow; it is, however, critical that for us remaining on this sinful world how we utilise the gift is the essence and definition of our humanity.
My brother, you understood this philosophy that life is a gift and which is why you passionately exploited the values of the gift in service to your family, community and the Nigerian trade union movement. Comrade Khaleel was a man with a quiet and calm demeanour who never carries his thought, worries and ideas on his face neither was the one that disturbs his friends, colleagues, subordinates and allies with his issues. He was a man of peace, solidarity and collaboration.
I can make these assertions because, in the course that our paths crossed, I have learnt all these things about him. Comrade Khaleel is my brother and friend. Our paths crossed when I became very active within the Nigerian Labour Movement community. Some of the attractions I had of him included the facts that we were persons of the same generation and age bracket; and a progressive-minded person that pursue the greater good of the majority. Comrade Khaleel was a quintessential gentleman who was an emblem of solidarity.

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As a man of few words, Comrade Khaleel speaks when the issues under consideration demand his thoughts and he rendered them with measured precision and clarity. I’m proud I met and had a personal relationship with comrade Khaleel because he validated and deepened my conviction in the sanctity and efficacy of honouring our words as our bond. He never said yes in the morning and changed his stance in the afternoon talk less of fabricating an excuse to justify his change of mind after a firm commitment. As a progressive-minded person, he was ever ready to make sacrifices for the greater good of people and organisation. He does not see his positions or ambitions bigger than the collective good. He was a man of solidarity who understood that shared and practical solidarity is the deployment of our strength to defeat the weakness of others. Yes, he was a comrade who understood and believed in the efficacy of the slogan of an “an injury to one is an injury to all”.
His friendship enriched my person, mentality and work. I will miss him. Fare thee, well my friend, brother and comrade. Fare thee, well Comrade, Ibrahim Khaleel. I will continue to see your beautiful life and being in the lives of your family and in our struggles for our members, nation and humanity. May Allah grant you peaceful rest and passage? Rest well my friend Jarma
Comrade Mustapha is the National
President Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN)

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