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Weekend Gist With Ijeh


Over the week, we have had a great interactive session on the facebook group (peoplereporters.com)with all of you out there, and it was wonderful having to hear from all of you. Several touching stories and encouragement shows how strong we are striving out there with the country’s lockdown. Here is something to always remember while we spending time with our family and thinking ahead during this lockdown.

When you’re going somewhere great, you must have obstacles, you will breakdown most times, but never stay down, because there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Focus and deaf your ears to critics, if your journey doesn’t suit them, they will sure critize you, because they don’t have a clue of where you are heading, its never their fault anyway; they are simply part of your push to greatness.
If you don’t have critics you won’t be vexed to buckle and double up.

Sometimes I tend to be a deaf and dumb creature when it comes to scaling good heights, and I have been able to achieve much more with this my nature. I urge you to imbibe this attitude too never you stop to listen when on your personal race.


1.Be a praying wife, theres time for everything, pray for your home, pray for your husband, pray for you children, there’s no other serious work in marriage than this. A praying wife is a winning wife

2.If your home training doesn’t reflect in your relationship, It Can never reflect in your marriage.
You cannot give what you do not have.

3.Don’t be deceived, marry someone that’s physically/spiritually, mentally matured and thank me later

5. A woman is like salt, her presence might not be noticed but her absence makes everything tasteless. Value your woman

6.As a woman, develop yourself, learn a skill and be financially independent…that’s one of the weapons to fight an abusive man.



Stay Safe; wash your Hands and Practice Social Distancing
Happy Weekend my country people


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